We have over 5 years of experience running workshops and “flash feedback” sessions on disruptive technology and creative audio/video production.

In our workshops, we share everything we know and have learned from years of self-instruction, bootstrapping, and collaborating on a huge range of different projects.

Workshop topics include:

** Creative Commons resources on Critical Tech Literacy coming soon!! **


“Thank you for the fantastic podcasting session, I truly enjoyed it so much! …I took away so much concrete, actionable knowledge from the session so thank you for everything! …You have a lovely manner and it was one of the best-run Zoom sessions I’ve been to (and I have been to so, so many over the past year).”

Sylee, participant in May 2021

“I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the podcasting training you did with us a couple of weeks ago. It’s the first online 3 hour training I’ve done that didn’t feel too long or a struggle to stay engaged with. Plus it was super-useful. You’ve inspired me to dust off my radio producing skills and I have a fairly formed idea for a podcast.”

Lucy May, participant in February 2021

“Thanks for hosting the workshop on Wednesday, I definitely came out knowing a lot more than when I started – and feeling a lot more enthusiastic about getting my podcast off the ground.”

D—, participant in February 2020

“I now know how to #podcast! Thanks to @KiraAllmann for the best training workshop I’ve attended in almost a decade of graduate study and work!”

@ADMHenley on Twitter, participant in November 2018

“Many thanks again for your excellent and informative podcasting workshop. The sounds of my footsteps immortalised in the demo podcast is a highlight of the year!”

E—, participant in November 2018

“I came to a podcast workshop you ran a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to say how fantastic it was- sorry for the delay in telling you this! Since the workshop, I have made a podcast and implemented some of the things we talked about… I wish I’d known [all this] when my friend and I made our first podcast last year and felt like we were constantly fighting with the editing software!”

C—, participant in November 2018

“A massive thank you to @KiraAllmann and @TORCHOxford for today’s workshop on how to #podcast – perfectly pitched presentation and demos.”

@rckowalski on Twitter, participant in November 2018

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