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We’re a group of creative people who wear many different hats – as teachers, linguists, technologists, anthropologists, actors, writers, journalists. But what brings it all together is storytelling and critical thinking. (Or critical thinking through storytelling.)

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We are a small team of independent creators with a wide range of talents and expertise. Each project we work on is unique, and we work together to make our projects come to life through music, audio production, film, and storytelling. We love a challenge – anything from fantasy to fact-based documentaries.

Kira Allmann

Co-founder of Cherry Soup, Kira is a public engagement researcher at the Ada Lovelace Institute by day and an audio producer by… night? Well, on the weekends. She brings over a decade of experience conducting ethnographic and media interviews.

Conor Molloy

Co-founder of Cherry Soup, a Manchester-based musician and educator, specialising in songwriting, music/lyrics, composition, audio production, editing, and mixing.

Christy Callaway-Gale

Christy started out making podcasts about academic research and student life for departments across the University of Oxford. Now she also works as a freelance Sound Editor and Proof Listener for the Economist Magazine (audio edition).

Christy has facilitated podcast training workshops for Cherry Soup and independently for Rhodes Trust. 

You can follow Christy’s podcast projects on Twitter (@ChristyPodcasts) and listen to her showreel on SoundCloud.

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